Pop My Culture
  • September7th

    Six SYTYCDers enter the battledom, but only 4 will survive. It’s not quite as politically un-correct as the black teen battle royale Jesse Thorn describes to Vanessa & Cole on the recent podcast, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining!

    The opening number, with music courtesy of “I’m All Out Of Milkshake Profits” Kellis, has a distinctly Phantom of the Black Material Girl Swan vibe.

    The guys went kooky & did their 3-second introductory solo in each others’ styles. They all made a “C” hand gesture (since that’s everyone’s first initial), then Chehon imitated Karate Cole, Cyrus imitated Chehon (sorta? He just acted “regal” and took a sweeping bow), and Cole did some simple but impressing “animation” moves. So clever, boys! I almost couldn’t tell you all apart! I caught a long suffering “sheesh” look on one of the girl’s faces, as if to say “didn’t you guys get the memo? We’re NOT here to make friends…!”

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  • September6th

    Iain Morris guest on Pop My Culture podcast

    Iain Morris (co-creator and writer of the UK smash “The InBetweeners”) chats with Cole and Vanessa about The Oogieloves Movie, Clint Eastwood’s chair rant, Tom Cruise’s wife vetting, theater manners, The InBetweeners Movie, petard-hoisting, the magical lands of Oz, unlimited worms, mean magicians, translating MI3, Jerry Seinfeld’s awkward adolescence, Twin Peaks, and Iain’s surreal weekend of box-office checking.

    Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first amusement park you can remember going to and what your favorite ride or attraction was) on our website for a chance to win a comfy Pop My Culture T-Shirt!

    Freshly Popped


    Iain Morris with hosts Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland

  • September1st

    Have you done your monthly self-exam for breast and/or testicular cancer?

    Great! Then it’s time to recap So You Think You Can Dance!

    Coming back for his second year as a guest judge, it’s JT Fergs from Ann Romney-bot’s favorite TV show!

    Adorned in an off-white tux, a bow tie that looks like it was used to clean up a chocolate-covered blueberry disaster, and the finest in peach fuzz invisi-beards, Jesse is clearly here to paaaaaaahhh-tay!

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  • August30th

    Jesse Thorn guest on Pop My Culture podcast

    Jesse Thorn (host of Bullseye/The Sound of Young America and Jordan Jesse Go!) joins Cole and Vanessa to chat about Prince Harry’s Vegas madness, The Expendables 2, LL Cool J’s home invader, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, celebrity sightings, the Avril Lavigne/Chad Kroeger engagement, Kristen Stewart hate T-shirts, A Thousand Clowns, movie tag lines, Dick Dale, and what Downtown Abbey would be like with goofy sound effects added.

    Leave your answer to the Firsts question (the first hip hop or R&B song you can remember being really into) on our website for a chance to win some cool podcast swag signed by Jesse!

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    Jesse Thorn with hosts Vanessa Ragland and Cole Stratton

  • August28th

    Vanessa’s headband courtesy of the wonderful @dadalibrarian.

    Hello Culturepoppers! (Is that what we’re calling you now? PMCaesars? Pop My Culturevultures?) Vanessa and I are back and showered from the all-on media assault that is San Diego Comic Con International! This year, we attended Thursday through Saturday and this is our recap of the complete and utter madness we experienced whilst buried in Slave Leias, cranky fanboys and bible thumpers with megaphones at the Convention Center. All in all, a fabulous, yet exhausting time! My thoughts (Cole) are written in black here, while Vanessa’s crazy ramblings will be in red. So, here we go, panel by panel, party by party, pizza by pizza…

    Thursday, July 12th, 2012

    We arrived at our cruise ship party spot and embarked on a walk longer than Mordor to pick up our credentials around noon, and trudged over to the line for Hall H, the biggest room at the con (approximately 6000 people). I shivered as memories flashed back of a 6 hour waiting culminating in the infamous pen stabbing incident that barred me from getting in there two cons ago. As the room emptied out due to the Twilight panel being over, we were relieved to get in quickly for a day full of great panels, starting with…

    Walt Disney Studios: Frankenweenie, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Wreck-It Ralph
    PANELISTS: Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Rich Moore and surprise guests Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis

    MODERATOR: Chris Hardwick

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  • August27th

    Cole’s Indie Music Corner: Wild Nothing

    The sophomore release by Jack Tatum (a.k.a Wild Nothing) is a masterful throwback to 80s synth pop, with echoes of The Church and The Cure and a little dash of My Bloody Valentine shoegaze to boot. Improving upon his great debut Gemini, Nocturne is a a treat from start to finish — the record is full of constant highs, with the incredibly addictive title track Nocturne regularly rotating through my iPod as I drive around LA. There’s a certain breezy easiness with each of these tracks, dancing between mid-tempo and upbeat that creates a relaxing yet exhilarating listen. Nocturne officially releases tomorrow, August 28th, so download it as soon as it becomes available — you won’t be disappointed.

    Nocturne / Wild Nothing