Pop My Culture
  • August12th

    Ian Edwards interview on Pop My Culture podcast

    Ian Edwards (“Punk’d,” “Conan”) joins Cole and Vanessa to chat about The Olympics, The Amazing Spider-Man, Showtime at the Apollo, Ryan Lochte, Burger King, Olympic village hook-ups, conjoined twins, movie titles lost in translation, Danny Boyle, the West Indies, The Dark Knight Rises, invisible panthers, pranking T.O., booger eyes, and the Busta Rhymes Punk’d you’ll never, ever see.

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    Ian Edwards with hosts Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland

  • August2nd

    Barry Bostwick and Etta Devine and Gabriel Diani guests on Pop My Culture

    Barry Bostwick (“The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Spin City) and comedy duo Diani & Devine (Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine) join Cole and Vanessa to talk about Kristin Stewart’s recent infidelity, The Selling, Megaforce, Nick and Nora, originating Danny Zuko on Broadway, hooves vs. one long finger, tough guy quotes, Danny Glover vs. Dragons, dangerous awards, Research: The web series, Charlie Sheen, aerobicizing, dance training, and Barry’s obsession with hot tubs.

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    Help “The Selling” (the film featuring Barry, Gabe, Etta and yes, PMC co-host Cole) get a theatrical release! Visit the kickstarter HERE

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    Barry Bostwick and guests Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine with hosts Cole and Vanessa

    Signed Rocky Horror Picture Show dvd for give away

  • July30th

    Cole’s Indie Music Corner: Suckers

    Suckers are exciting. The Brooklyn quartet make adventurous, experimental yet melodically enticing music thats fun as all-get-out. Their sophomore album, Candy Salad, is just that — a sugary sweet concoction chock full of random ingredients that work so much better than they should together. After seeing them destroy live at the Echo a few months back in LA, their infectious energy onstage translates well onto disc (or vinyl or MP3, or however you kids are getting your music nowadays) and makes for an exhilarating listen all the way through. There’s a ton of stand outs on the record — the island groove of Turn on the Sunshine will get your head bobbing, and the slow build of Lydia will be rattling around in your head for weeks. Much like the great single Roman Candle on their first album, a triumphant whistle kicks off Chinese Braille, an incredible mid-tempo tune with playful lyrics and a catchy chorus. But picking out a single song from the record is a tough task — get the whole damn thing immediately.

    Chinese Braille / Suckers

  • July26th

    Bust out your Hitler ‘staches everybody, because it’s time for So You Think You Can Dance!

    Our androgynous and possibly anti-Semitic Top 16 opened the show with some inspiration from Charlie Chaplin, an Umbrella from Cherbourg, and those cutesy black & white photos of a little boy giving the little girl a flower and the flower is colored in pastels and all the girls in the dorms had at least one of those pictures on the wall because OMG I’m totes into photography, you guys!

    Ahem. It’s interested to note that with everyone dressed nearly identically, the only two dancers that stood out to me as being recognizable were Amelia and Cyrus. Fan favorites, perhaps?

    Joining tonight’s “judging” panel (let’s face it, they use that word pretty loosely) is the freaking gorgeous Christina Applegate. Have you guys been watching her on Up All Night? She costars with Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph, for Peter Paul and Mary’s sake! It’s easily one of my favorites from the latest batch of sitcoms that came out this year. And who can forget her brilliant recurring character as Jen Aniston’s sister on Friends? Man, I’m so glad that show hasn’t been cancelled. (shhh, I’m very fragile).

    OK- I’m back on my meds and ready to get my dance on. Or rather, ready for these kids to get *their* dance on while *I* sit on my couch and polish off the rest of this pint of Haagan Dazs… but let’s not split hairs.

    The first dance of the show features Tiffany & George. It resembles an Ambien dream sponsored by Planned Parenthood, Romper Room, and Nickelodeon. Napoleon and Tabitha choreographed this babysitting dance based on their own impending real life nightmare bundle of joy. It’s art imitating life, y’all!

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  • July25th

    Doug Jones from the watch on Pop My Culture podcast

    Doug Jones (“Hellboy,” “The Watch”) returns to the show to chat with Cole and Vanessa about Comic Con, the Silver Surfer, contortionists, Spike Jonze, character olympics, The Expendables 2, Springsteen and McCartney’s power-cutting, mailbox fighting, creating Abe Sapien’s movements, Jackie Chan, Celine Dion, Mime Own Book, and Doug’s embarrassing Fantastic Four moment.Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first book or book series you can remember being obsessed with) on our website for a chance to win a Hellboy Blu-Ray, Mime Own Book pamphlet or postcard all signed by Doug!

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    hosts Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland with Doug Jones
    Doug Jones signed Hellboy blu ray and his Mime own book
    Fallen Superheroes signed post cards
  • July19th

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the creepiest SYTYCD-er of them all?

    We know we’re in for a cool show when this is the first thing on stage. It’s exactly what you would expect if Marilyn Manson, Michael Jackson (circa Thriller), and choreographers Tabitha & Napoleon engaged in some frisky Eyes Wide Shut style copulation. There’s even a gratuitous phallus!

    Tonight’s judges are Nigel, Mary (who had her shit together last week but looks like her dress is by Hefty tonight), and Adam Shankman. We’re reminded of the weird new format- the bottom dancers have already been chosen by last week’s votes, but that won’t be revealed until the end. Then, the judges will “save” one guy and one girl, leaving 4 dancers to pack their leotards and go.

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