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Sleeping At Last is built around Wheaton, Illionois’ Ryan O’Neal (vocals, guitar and piano) who has a knack for gorgeous, fragile melodies and quiet, hypnotic instrumention. Along with bassist and keyboardist Dan Perdue (who, it was just announced, is leaving the band), he’s in the middle of releasing an ambitious and charming project known as Yearbook, where each month they release three new songs for an entire year, each EP named after the corresponding month (with different eye-catching, whismsical nature paintings as covers). Having been featured on TV dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, the songs wear their hearts on their sleeves, with O’Neal’s emotive and vulnerable vocals anchoring them firmly. “Tethered,” the first track on the April EP, is a sweet, lush ballad and a good representation of the band’s soothing sound.

Visit them on the web and check out the cool Yearbook series, HERE


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