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Todd Glass interview on Pop My Culture podcast

Todd Glass (The Todd Glass Show) joins Vanessa and Cole to chat about the Blurred Lines verdict, Harrison Ford’s airplane crash, stealing material, opening for bands, that damn dress everyone was talking about, Ain’t That Peculiar vs. Happy, senior ensemble dramadies, David Letterman, Eddie Pepitone, open mics, fun snaps and that one time that Vanessa started a war.

Leave your answers to the firsts question (the first time you got sent to the Principal’s Office) on our website for a chance to win a comfy Pop My Culture T-Shirt!

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Todd Glass with hosts Cole stratton and Vanessa Ragland

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  • Comment by Todd Mason — March 13, 2015 @ 3:58 pm

    My own experience was rather similar to (that other) Todd’s…except my fight was with one of the several in my grade, mostly of jocks and jock-hangers-on, who decided to make my life as unpleasant as possible, as an awkward 7th grader who’d just moved to a New Hampshire town, increasingly a Boston suburb. However, my junior-high principal wasn’t nearly as worthwhile an administrator/educator…when two of the tormenting clique had spent the time after Spanish class running up behind me and attempting to trip me as we made our way thorugh the crowded aisle (lined with lockers and students trading books between classes in them), something, possibly not either of them, did trip me, sent my books flying, and when I arose, several months of pent-up rage was ready to be unleashed. I managed to find one of the two, bent over as he put something in his locker, grabbed his shoulder with one hand and started pounding him with the other fist…till the rather cool and conveniently stocky music teacher pulled me off him, and he collapsed on the floor. In the ensuing conversation with the principal, the sobbing tripster didn’t get too much sympathy from the administrator, who shoo’d him on over to the nurse’s office so as to let me know that he’d heard reports of my being gang-bullied (but neither he nor any teacher had taken any action), and would I like to settle matters the Manly Way, in the boxing ring? Because my having beaten the other kid to the floor in a blind rage mostly was missing the principal as audience member, doncha know. I declined. I was also grimly amused by how some of the beaten kid’s friends decided to congratulate me for attacking him, since he’d really been giving me the business…as they had, as well, didn’t faze them. (Two years later, when a more burnt-out pair of bullies had managed to goad me into another rage-fest that had me throwing the one who spat on me repeatedly against a wall till the PE teacher pulled me off, the JHS had been included in the new high school, and the JHS principal was now the vice-principal of the larger school, and he again hoped against hope that I’d give him a chance to see a rematch in a sweet science ring. I declined again.)

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