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matt mira interview on pop my culture podcast

Matt Mira (“The Nerdist Podcast”) joins Cole and Vanessa to chat about Spectre, Apple devices, the size of Daniel Craig, Chopped Tank, lens flares, Children of Men, 80’s on 8, Starship Captains, the Genius Bar, The Olsen Twins’ Christmas List, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and the multitude of James Bond wardrobe Matt owns and wears regularly.

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Matt Mira with hosts Vanessa Ragland and Cole Stratton

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  • Comment by Rik — November 19, 2015 @ 5:56 pm

    This episode was a DELIGHT! Such a fun conversation, and in my opnion – the loopier the intro, the better. I immediately listened to the Nerdist episode with Daniel Craig afterwards which was great too (and one of the answers to Cole’s quiz came in handy there.)

    The first spy thing I was ever into has to be that awful French animation show Totally Spies. It’s basically Charlie’s Angels but for dumb children (of which I was one). They had some great episodes though, like one in which the three spies have to dismantle an evil Girl Scout Cookie network that makes people addicted to their cookies and then kills them.

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