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Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche on Pop my culture podcast

Pinky and The Brain themselves, Maurice LaMarche (“Futurama,” “Zootopia”) and Rob Paulsen (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Animaniacs”), join Cole and Vanessa live at Wondercon 2016 from the LA Convention Center to chat about upcoming summer movies, Batman Vs. Superman, the Ghostbusters Reboot, coming up with voices, bed snacks, Stabby Potter, Mr. Big, Morbo, Who’s On First, Daredevil’s New York and Yakko’s Countries of the World.

Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first convention you went to) on our website for a chance to win a comfy Pop My Culture T-Shirt and something signed by Rob and Maurice!

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Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen with hosts Vanessa Ragland and Cole Stratton


  • Comment by Joe Cuffe — March 31, 2016 @ 8:40 am

    The first convention I went to was the Wizard World Comic-Con in Sacramento last year. I took my 12 year old son, and we had a blast!

  • Comment by Percival — March 31, 2016 @ 9:56 am

    The first convention I went to was Anime Expo way back in ’99. It was totally a different vibe from today; it was more down to earth and homey, and I love that Rob and Maurice still bring that vibe to cons!

  • Comment by Corinne — March 31, 2016 @ 4:53 pm

    When I was a kid I got my parents to take me to a Star Trek one in CT, and even I thought it was kind of lame, and 2+ decades later they still rag on me for driving all the way to Connecticut.

    In college, I went to one day of Anime Boston to buy dvds for the Anime Club, but I spent so many hours waiting just to buy a day pass that I had to leave about a half an hour after I got in.

  • Comment by Spassvogel — April 4, 2016 @ 10:42 pm

    I remember attending my first convention in about 1986, the Portland Comic book convention. In addition to the Marvel/DC guys, it was right at the beginning of Dark Horse comics and you could get your issues of Boris the Bear or Concrete signed by everyone. All autographs were free, and they would raffle off things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. I remember buying a copy of Robotech #2 for $5 and selling it at another guy’s table for $15. When you’re 11yrs old that’s a lot of money!

  • Comment by Joe Shirley — April 6, 2016 @ 7:27 am

    First Con was a Star Trek convention in 1979. The original cast, less Shatner and Nimoy were there. I didn’t go to another Con until 2012 – GMX in Nashville, with Billy West and Rob Paulsen!Been back every year since.

  • Comment by Sarah — April 7, 2016 @ 8:05 pm

    MegaCon ’99 in Orlando.

  • Comment by FellHarbor — July 19, 2016 @ 2:02 pm

    My first convention was Anime Weekend Atlanta in 2005. That opened a floodgate as I was instantly hooked by the cosplay bug. I now go to at least 4 conventions a year. It’s thanks to those conventions that I have been able to meet several of my favorite voice actors, including Mr. Paulsen and Mr. LaMarche. 🙂

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