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  • August28th



    By Dino-Ray Ramos (special to Pop My Culture)

    Note: Cole and Vanessa are excited to welcome writer/journalist/all around nice guy Dino-Ray Ramos as a contributor to the Pop My Culture Podcast website. Look for periodic pieces by Dino in the future!

    Morgan Spurlock is probably best known as the guy who made a documentary about going on an all McDonald’s diet in Supersize Me. Since then, he has created some clever documentaries but his latest project will take him into the echelons of fame and power…at least with teen and tween girls it will. In One Direction: This is Us he documents the lives of Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry — the members of the hottest boy band since the days of Backstreet Boys and Nsync. We had the chance to talk with him about the dreamy members of One Direction, traveling the world with them, making a 3D movie, and why he decided to take on something so unexpected.

    Considering your other movies, why did you decide to do a documentary about One Direction?

    Morgan: Why not? Why can’t a handsome 42-year-old man can’t be a Directioner? Is that what you’re saying? (laughs) Paramount called me when they were getting ready to do the Justin Bieber film. They said, “We’d love you to come in and meet with us about possibly making this movie.” At that time I was doing The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and I was like, “There’s no way I can start to wrap my head around this.” Then last January we’re finishing both Comic-Con (Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope) and Mansome.  Again, we got a call saying, “Would you like to go meet with Paramount about possibly doing the Kate Perry movie?” I was like, “There’s no way I can do this.” I said, “We’re finishing two movies right now.” I said, “It’s impossible. There’s no way I can even think about adding another movie to this pile.” Read More

  • August23rd

    Luke Edwards interview on Pop My Culture podcast

    Luke Edwards (“The Wizard,” “Little Big League”) chats with Cole and Vanessa about Famke Janssen’s weird break in, Kendrick Lamar, The Simpsons Tapped Out, playing young Johnny Depp, Dennis Farina, super soaker parties on Newsies, hockey, Buffalo Bill’s Buffalo Bills, Joanne Whalley, cape man, Ken Griffey Jr.’s pranks, the Nintendo Power Glove, and Luke’s drunken reunion with Jenny Lewis at her Silverlake abode.

    Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first sports team you considered yourself a fan of, and why) on our website for a chance to win a “Little Big League” or “The Wizard” DVD signed by Luke!

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    Luke Edwards with hosts Vanessa Ragland and Cole Stratton

    Luke Edwards signed Little Big League DVD and The Wizard DVD

  • August21st



    Kick-Ass 2
    2013, 103 mins
    Grade: D

    For the record, I really like the first Kick-Ass film. A fun, meta exercise on super hero excess and comic books, it was subversive and viscerally fun, and well put together under the watch of Matthew Vaughn. Swap out Vaughn for Jeff Wadlow (Cry Wolf, Never Back Down), and suddenly you’ve got a picture that’s just long on ugly and low on fun. The ultra-violence on display lacks the mischief of its predecessor, and just feels brutal and wrong. Add in graphic vomit and diarrhea (I’m not kidding), and you’ve got a pretty gross two hours to kill. Read More

  • August16th

    Melissa Claire Egan interview on Pop My Culture podcast

    Melissa Claire Egan (“The Young and the Restless,” “All My Children”) joins Cole and Vanessa to talk musicals, The Last Session, Simon Cowell’s baby, Lady Gaga, horny dolphins, A League of Their Own, Bowowween, Bugsy Malone, stabbing Susan Lucci, lots of Carries, invisibility, hand-holding otters and seventh grade productions of The Music Man.

    Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first non-domesticated animal you were fascinated by) on our website for a chance to win a brand new Pop My Culture T-Shirt! And be sure to check out riedelcody.org, Melissa’s great animal charity!

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    Melissa Claire Egan with hosts Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland
  • August14th


    2013, 109 mins
    Grade: B-

    Neill Blomkamp is a visionary director that likes to make films set in garbage heaps. For his first film since the breakout sleeper hit District 9, he goes from the slums of South Africa to the slums of Los Angeles, circa 2154 — the earth has been ruined and overcrowded, only to see the wealthy jump ship from the planet and set up shop in a rotating spacestation called Elysium — basically, one giant french-speaking country club with miracle beds that cure all diseases. Defense Minister Delacourt (Jodie Foster) is on hand to make sure no one disturbs their utopia, shooting down ships with “illegals” from Earth who try to find their way up there. Max Da Costa (Matt Damon), an ex-con trying to go straight in LA, is constantly abused by those around him — the police robots (who break his arm after a wisecrack); his ex-partners in crime; and his assembly-line foreman (who is such a thinly drawn character its hard not to laugh at his awful dialogue). After an accident exposes him to a fatal dose of radiation, Max has a handful of days to find his way up to Elysium, or die trying. Fused with a beat-up mechanical exoskeleton and a hard drive in his brain (that, through a series of events I won’t go into, contains information that pretty much everyone wants), Max has a lot of shooting, running and punching to do. Read More

  • August5th

    Paul F. Tompkins interview on Pop My Culture Podcast 2013

    Paul F. Tompkins (“Mr. Show,” “Best Week Ever”) returns for his third solo episode and chats with Cole and Vanessa about Comic Con, Kemosabe the Porcupine, classic cocktails, celebs using Kickstarter, Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice, arms vs. legs, Dick’s Last Resort, Speakeasy, the voice of the busy dialtone, Dead Authors podcast, Cat Deeley, a field of Zac Efron, traveling magic acts, flying monkey attacks and Paul’s encounter with King of Kong villain Billy Mitchell!

    Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first time you remember gambling) on our website for a chance to win a Mr. Show DVD signed by Paul!

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    Paul F. Tompkins with hosts Vanessa Ragland and Cole Stratton

    Mr. Show DVD signed by Paul F. Tompkins giveaway by PMC podcast